Orange saplings nursery AgriTerra Paraguay
December 2020 Update – Orange Saplings & Greenhouses
December 2, 2020
Strawberries Growing in Hydroponic Strawberry Greenhouse
February 2021 Update – Introducing Nueva Italia II and New Hydroponic Strawberry Greenhouse Opportunity
February 9, 2021

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On behalf of the entire team at Paraguay AG Invest and Agri Terra we would like to thank you for your support and interest in our agriculture opportunities this year. We wish you and your family a joyous holiday season and a safe & prosperous New Year.

2020 has undoubtedly been one of the most challenging and interesting years in recent memory, with the global COVID-19 pandemic impacting our daily lives. Paraguay’s swift imposition of quarantine led to them being praised as one of the best examples of pandemic management in Latin America.

Our agro-business was not immune as the effects of the pandemic led to some delays in the planned arrivals of our new greenhouses and orange saplings. However, our food production continued at full capacity as agriculture gets prioritized in times of crisis (hence its status as a crisis-proof investment).

In fact, demand for our fresh oranges and greenhouse vegetables significantly outstripped supply as local wholesale buyers rushed to purchase our quality produce (which is less expensive and fresher than any imported alternatives). Globally changing diets to healthier foods even led to Orange Juice being one of the year’s best performing commodities.

We’re pleased that we have been able to use our good fortunes to help our local communities in La Colmena and Nueva Italia with food parcels (in partnership with the Red Cross) and our “family” of employees with extra bonuses. This year also saw the launch of our own “Granja Direct” gourmet supermarkets.

We’re currently finalizing the year end audits, and our outlook for 2021 is very positive. Our Nueva Italia I plantation is now fully planted while investors’ future harvests of our La Colmena plantation have been pre-sold months in advance. With the construction of a further 16 greenhouses underway and the remaining 24 expected during the first half of next year, we will significantly increase our vegetable production to meet the growing local demand.

Finally, I’d like to share this interesting new educational video. Our CEO Carsten Pfau explains and demonstrates the careful process we follow to ensure our saplings grow into tall productive orange trees for our investors and customers:

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Stay safe and well.

Paraguay Ag Invest Team