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Why Investing in Agriculture is Good for Everyone?
November 27, 2019
Greenhouse in Paraguay
January 2020 Update
January 31, 2020

The Real Estate Guys Orange & Greenhouse Plantation Field Trip

Last week we hosted The Real Estate Guys Field Trip to our orange and greenhouse plantations in Paraguay. Investors from Canada, Japan, Slovenia and the United States were joined by Mr. Robert Helms, professional investor and host of The Real Estate Guys Radio Show.

The educational tour took us first to our La Colmena orange plantation where we saw orange trees in different stages of growth, from 1 year old saplings to 4 year old trees which were harvested recently. We were able to taste fresh juicy oranges direct from the field while being educated about all aspects of the orange growing process by Christian Elias, the plantation manager.

We then moved to the new Nueva Italia orange and greenhouse plantation. We saw the computerized greenhouse irrigation system, the water reservoirs and 8 greenhouses under construction. We also entered one of the completed greenhouses with 5,000 newly planted tomato seedlings. The plantation team also demonstrated the state of the art cooling system which automatically opens or closes different components of the greenhouse based on the temperature and humidity.

Carsten Pfau, CEO of the Agri Terra Group, accompanied us throughout the tour and told us everything we wanted to know about the operation and his 25 years of experience in Paraguay. He also took us to a typical Paraguayan steakhouse on the first night and invited us for a delicious BBQ at his house on the second evening.

We would like to thank everyone again who took the time to join this Real Estate Guys Field Trip and hope you found it an engaging and entertaining experience.

Happy Holidays and New Year

Wishing everyone an enjoyable holiday season and looking forward to welcoming you (again) in Paraguay next year.

Our next Plantation Tour is planned for January 9th to 13th 2020. If anyone wants to join that tour, or any future tours, please contact your sales advisor for more details.

We appreciate your interest in our agriculture opportunities. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

The Agri Terra & Paraguay Ag Invest Team!