Mr. Bob Howse and owner Carsten Pfau at the La Colmena plantation in Paraguay
Paraguay AG Invest Plantation Tour Review by Bob Howse
February 22, 2019
Paraguay Orange Plantation April 2019
April 2019 Update
April 10, 2019

Orange & Greenhouse Plantation Tour

Earlier this month we welcomed a very international group of people on a plantation tour. There was a combination of new investors and some existing ones who came to see their already implemented lots.

We visited both the La Colmena plantation and the new Nueva Italia plantation, which is also the site for the new greenhouses. The attendees were surprised by the size of the current orange trees and the amount of trees already planted (85,000+). We also took a riverboat tour to view the main trade routes of Paraguay, which has the 3rd largest fleet of barges in the world.

We again would like to thank our guests for taking the time to visit us in Paraguay and for making it an engaging and enjoyable experience for all. A special thanks goes out as well to Mr. Bob Howse, who’s been very kind in writing a review of the tour and his experience. Bob’s a retired newspaper editor and columnist, so we’d highly recommend you take a few minutes to read his eloquently written report.

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We have another tour tentatively scheduled for mid May. As a courtesy we will provide free accommodation and meals for all our tour attendees. To register your interest in this tour, please contact your Paraguay AG Invest sales representative.

Gold Newsletter Podcast

Every month for the past nearly five decades, the Gold Newsletter has unearthed unique investment opportunities that mainstream investors didn’t even know existed.

Gold Newsletter’s roving editor, Mr. Fergus Hodgson, joined us at the Sheraton Hotel to record an informative Podcast with Mr. David Smith, sales representative of Paraguay AG Invest, while his colleague Mr. Daniel Duarte joined the plantation tour.

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Coming soon ….

In the next two weeks we’ll be launching an exciting new opportunity to invest in growing citrus fruits in Paraguay. In addition to investing in oranges and greenhouses you will now also have the opportunity to invest in lemons, limes and sweet limes at our Nueva Italia plantation. For more information on this, please contact your sales representative.

Thank you again for your interest in our agriculture opportunities. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

The Agri Terra & Paraguay Ag Invest Team!