Follow our Greenhouse Vegetables Food Value Chain

Vertically Integrated from Seed to Customer

Below you can follow the fully vertically integrated food value chain for our greenhouse vegetables:

Vegetable Seeds and Seedlings

Our growing process starts with healthy, recently produced tomato and pepper seeds. We choose different varieties based on consumer demand. These include Lisa Grande, Lisa Mediano, Lisa Chico, Perita Grande, Perita Chico, Cherry Rojo, Cherry Amarillo, Fallado tomato varieties, and green, red, and yellow peppers.

Our seedlings are grown in individual containers ensuring the vegetables are healthier and more vigorous. They're cared for by our specialist greenhouse growers daily. The growing process from seedlings to full grown plants takes 3 months.

Our Greenhouses

Our vegetable greenhouses (48 in total) are located on our Nueva Italia I plantation in the southeast of Paraguay. The short period of winter cold in this region makes it ideal to operate highly productive greenhouses.

Each greenhouse covers an internal area of 2,400 m2. The automated roof & side ventilation and cooling systems ensure our vegetables are grown in the ideal temperatures all year round. The state-of-the-art fertilizing and irrigation systems ensure the plants get the ideal mix of daily nutrients.

Specialist on-site engineers ensure the smooth operation of the greenhouses.

Processing & Distribution Centre

All the processing of our tomatoes and peppers, i.e., washing, sorting, waxing, and preparation for distribution, is done in-house using the latest state-of-the-art equipment. This ensures complete control over the process and consistently high-quality produce.

Wholesale Distribution

Our distribution company, Frutibras SA, is the fourth largest of Paraguay. It supplies all the major Paraguayan supermarket chains, as well as smaller local grocery stores.

All our fresh vegetables are destined for the local Paraguayan market. Because they're grown in ideal greenhouse conditions, they're tastier and more desirable than the typical field-grown vegetables for sale.

Control over wholesale distribution means that the sale of all our vegetables is guaranteed at market rates.

Granja Direct Supermarkets

Our Granja Direct (Farm Direct) gourmet supermarket chain was opened its first location in Asuncion in 2020. A second location in Paraguay's capital opened in 2021 with two further stores to open in 2022. The mission is to bring freshly harvested fruit to the table without detours. In addition to our own fresh greenhouse vegetables and citrus fruits, we work with many dedicated small farmers.

This completes the food value chain for our greenhouse vegetables with us controlling everything from seed to end consumer sale.

The farmers who succeed are the ones who are going to incorporate new technologies.



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