How to Invest in Hydroponic Strawberry Greenhouses?

own a hydroponic strawberry greenhouse in Paraguay

Investing in and making profits from a hydroponic greenhouse is much easier than you might think, as the 3 steps below demonstrate:

Step 1 - Buying the Hydroponic Greenhouse

Your purchase includes 1 acres (4,000 m2) of fully titled land and a 2500m2 hydroponic greenhouse with all the necessary components for implementation. The greenhouse structures and hydroponic components are produced in Israel and Spain. The consolidated greenhouses are shipped to Paraguay from Spain.

This investment can be purchased and registered as individual, partnership or (offshore) company (contact us for more details on the registration options).

  • The land titling process will begin when the full payment has been received and normally takes approximately 18-24 months to complete
  • It will take 6 to 12 months from the time the funding is received for the greenhouse to arrive on-site

Step 2 - Hydroponic Greenhouse installation, planting & harvesting

Once the greenhouse arrives in Paraguay, our engineers will start installation on the cleared land. The construction of the galvanized steel greenhouse structure, hydroponic fertilization and nano sensor irrigation system will take 1-2 months.

Once installation is complete, the strawberry seedlings will be planted, cared for and harvested by our specialist farm engineers. First harvest is approximately 80 - 90 days after planting is complete.

  • The state-of-the-art hydroponic greenhouse is designed for an internal area of 2,400 m²
  • Around 38,000 plants will be grown per greenhouse
  • We anticipate up to four harvests per year producing a total of 62,696 kg of strawberries per greenhouse annually

Step 3 - Selling the Strawberries

All the strawberries will be sold on the local market. Fruitibars S.A., the 5th largest fruit and vegetable wholesaler in Paraguay, guarantees to purchase all your strawberries at market rates.

We estimate a return on investment (ROI) of about 36% per annum from year 3. The full 22 year ROI forecast spreadsheet is included in our downloadable brochure.

  • To ensure sales continuity and reduce risk, Agri Terra KG (your partner) has acquired a controlling interest in Fruitibars S.A. and manages its own chain of gourmet supermarkets
  • Your strawberry greenhouse management company charges a 5% annual management fee on the profit before taxes
  • So if the client does not make money, the hydroponic greenhouse investment program partner doesn't make money either

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