Greenhouses under construction
September 2019 Update
September 12, 2019
Why Investing in Farmland is Good
Why Investing in Agriculture is Good for Everyone?
November 27, 2019

New Orange Harvest

A major harvest is currently underway at our La Colmena orange plantation.

All these oranges have already been pre-sold on the local market and the investors of these lots will be getting their share of the profits before the end of the year.

Vegetable Greenhouse Project Update

The greenhouse construction is continuing as planned and currently we’re implementing the infrastructure inside the greenhouses. This includes installing the cooling & irrigation systems and the retractable inside ceilings. Once this is completed, the computerization and back-up systems will be tested before the first seeds are planted.

33 of the 50 planned greenhouses at our Nueva Italia plantation have already been sold to investors. Please contact your sales advisor to reserve one of the remaining ones today.

The Real Estate Guys December 2019 Orange & Greenhouse Plantation Field Trip

The Real Estate Guys Field Trip to our orange and greenhouse plantations in Paraguay from 9-13th December is filling up quickly. Click Here to view the itinerary and register.

Photos from our September Tour:

Thank you again for your interest in our agriculture opportunities. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

The Agri Terra & Paraguay Ag Invest Team!