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Paraguay Is The World’s Happiest And Most Positive Country In 2019

Paraguay children smilingBased on the Gallup 2019 Global Emotions Report, Paraguay has the highest Positive Experience Index score worldwide.

Paraguay regained the top spot as the world’s happiest and most positive country. In the poll it topped the list of positive experiences, where people reported “feeling a lot of positive emotions each day.”

It fought off close competition from Panama, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras — despite such nations suffering high levels of poverty and violence.

People in Latin America “may not always rate their lives the best … but they laugh, smile and experience enjoyment like no one else in the world,” Gallup’s global managing partner Jon Clifton wrote in the report.

The poll claims it is reflective of the cultural tendency in Latin America to “focus on life’s positives”.

The Report is the current snapshot of people’s positive and negative daily experiences based on more than 151,000 interviews with adults in over 140 countries.

Indonesia, meanwhile, was the most positive nation outside of the Americas.