Drone Shot from Orange Trees Growing on our La Colmena Farm in Paraguay
July 2020 Update – Orange Lots Special Offer
July 31, 2020
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December 2020 Update – Orange Saplings & Greenhouses
December 2, 2020

September Update – Our New Gourmet Supermarkets and Oranges

Introducing Our New Gourmet Supermarkets

The demand for quality and healthy food keeps trending upward around the world, and Paraguay is no exception. The aspiration for healthier lifestyles and a growing middle class with more disposable income is fuelling the demand for farm fresh produce.

To serve this growing market we launched our own chain of gourmet supermarkets, under the brand name “Granja Direct” (Farm Direct), with the mission to bring freshly harvested fruit to the table without detours.

This vertical integration of our supply chain also means closer control of our distribution channels (please note that we already hold a controlling stake in one of Paraguay’s largest fruit & vegetable wholesalers). This clearly benefits us and our investors in terms of securing the sale of future harvests.

The first stores have now opened in the capital Asunción, where they also offer a home delivery service. Here are some photos:

The fresh in-store produce comes, of course, from our own plantations and vegetable greenhouses, as well as from other dedicated producers (especially many local small farmers). In addition to fresh fruit and vegetables, our gourmet supermarkets offer “healthy fast food” options such as “mix your own muesli” or “mix your own salad”, and there are also smoothie and juice bars inside.

Here’s a TV advert which accompanied the launch:

Oranges & Orange Lots

Oranges & Orange Lots In our previous update we mentioned that “orange juice” has been one of this year’s best performing commodities with demand & prices for citrus soaring due to changing consumption patterns all over the world. We also noticed a shift in recent months as more and more investors want to diversify their portfolios into income generating farmland, especially in high-demand healthy crops like oranges.

While our La Colmena plantation sold out last year, we still have orange lots available for private investors on our new Nueva Italia plantation, with prices starting at $18,500 for ½ lot (0.62 acres). Please contact me for availability and more details.

Thank you again for your interest in our agriculture opportunities. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Stay safe and well.

Paraguay Ag Invest